Qualifying exam

Characterizing the Role of Prdm9 in Genome-wide Hotspot Recombination

A few people have requested my qualifying exam while looking for references about recombination or preparing for their own quals. Because they were off-topic when I took them, it is unrelated to my research. For your viewing pleasure (and to attempt to fool my psyche into believing that an off-topic qual was a valid use of time), I give you my quals proposal and my quals presentation.

qualsFor fonder memories of the elation that occurred just over an hour after I shakily entered the room, I will have you note the date of the exam: October 31, 2011–Halloween. I wore a Minnie Mouse costume, during which I proposed mouse studies. One specific experiment involved dissecting mouse testes for ChIP-seq. I think I may have been the first (and only so far… here’s looking at you future second years) Stanford PhD student to take quals in costume. I nervously entered the room the day of my quals. My first committee member to enter, Gavin Sherlock, sat down and said with British sarcasm, “I see you’re taking this very seriously.”

Note to future quals takers: A pass is a pass and that’s all that matters.