Random grad school things:


  • Dressed as Minnie Mouse while taking my qualifying exam for my PhD (I wore the ears during my exam and magically passed)
  • Took a spontaneous trip to Australia during a super hectic quarter of grad school. Held a baby crocodile, koala, fed a wallaby, and saw some tiny penguins come ashore while there.
  • Bungee jumped 150′ out of a redwood tree
  • Took gymnastics again well after retirement age (23)
  • Played laser tag with a friend I hadn’t seen in ten years
  • Won $600 in Vegas playing bingo (yes, bingo)
  • Snuck into a conference in Berkeley that I hadn’t registered for and then made a fake name tag to see some sweet talks. Ended up talking to the conference organizer for a while. Journey via bike ~50 miles
  • Biked 100 miles from Menlo Park –> Monterey for department retreat
  • Attended a “noise jazz” concert
  • Ran lot of half marathons
  • Went cage diving with great white sharks near Cape Town
  • Lent our travel companion, <(), to a Himba woman while doing field work in Namibia. Not sure she knew what to think of him

Work hard, play hard!