I was the head TA for Gene 210: Genomics and Personalized Medicine during Spring Quarter of 2012. This class allows students to be genotyped and explore their own DNA through interactive modules using Genotation, for which I helped develop tools. It is a spinoff of Interpretome, which you can read about here.

I am currently a participant in the Stanford at the Tech program, wherein Stanford graduate students and postdocs go to the Tech Museum of Innovation once a week to teach science to the general public via modular ~15 minute experiments, such as extracting DNA from cow thymus, showing kids picture of their cheek cells under a microscope, and playing a game to teach the principles of natural selection. I also write for their “Ask a Geneticist” site. These aspects teach the general public more about genetics and me how to communicate clearly. This picture is from a busy day when we pulled DNA out of beef.


Also, this is my favorite part of the museum: